i went out into the world and my toys came too!

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Long time no chat I know. I’m a dirty stop out aren’t I? I say I’ll be back in a minute and then I never write…I never call. I’m so pleased you’re still here and reading this. I’ll try to be more post-y in the future….I know I always say that but I’m really going to try this time.

This is just a little catch up but it’s about something that I did a few weeks ago so stay with me if you’ve heard it all before.

….so….half way through September CraftAlive came to my little town of Orange and for the second time I joined in and had a stand at the fair. I got to stand with (although initially it was probably more like hiding behind) my critters and tell people about them.

Why I make them.

What I make them from.

How long it takes me to make them.

Yes…I did make them all…and dream them up too.

Yes I live in Orange…no you probably haven’t heard of me. I don’t get out much.

That kind of thing.

Aaaaaahhh…you would have been so proud of me. I even coerced The Golden Child to use his magnificent Photoshop skills to turn one of my silly scratchings into a very grown up looking business banner.

The boy’s got skills!

Everything came together with the help of some sparkly fairy lights that acted like a sort of glowing glitter and added a little bit of whimsy to the stand. I did have a meltdown of apocalyptic proportions on the morning of the first day. It lasted forty five seconds because that’s all I could allow myself and wasn’t one of my finest moments but with the help of my lovely family I somehow managed to pull it together and get to the fair on time. Although…I was still folding patterns when the first crafters came through the door. I choose to look at it as I had the freshest patterns there!

Next post will be about some new designs I’m getting ready. They’ll be released to stores that stock my designs as paper patterns and they’ll also be listed in my Etsy store as PDF’s. Just a little note on that score…I encourage you to always buy your patterns directly from the designer or as paper patterns from retailers they choose to represent their work. If you’re buying a PDF pattern of one of my designs from anywhere other than my Etsy store or Ripley the Reindeer’s pattern from Rose Petal Collections then you’d be surprised at how much of the sales price ever reaches me.

I’ll try to be here more often from now on


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