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Two of the questions I’m most often asked are…

‘How many designs do you come up with each year?’ and ‘How long does it take to come up with a design?’

The answer to the first question is ‘…not enough!’ and the answer to the second is

‘…how long is a piece of string?’

This is Walter the Whale and he’s been swimming around in my brain…back and forth, around and around for about two years now. I’ve just finished tickling his pattern together and have listed it into my little Etsy Store.

I’ve known he was a barnacle wearing humpback and that he needed to be made from denim.

I’ve known that he had a glint in his eye and I knew he’d fit comfortably in an adults hand. I also knew that I was going to dress him in an ‘ill fitting jumper’.

Obviously the jumper was something that I had completely wrong.

I thought a jumper that looked like it’d shrunk in the wash would bring a chuckle of two because…why would a whale wear a jumper? Who would have washed it so poorly to have caused it to shrink?

The height of toy making humour to me!

At some point over the last few months I’d chatted about Walter with one of my friends who, over a cup of tea pointed out that a life jacket would be far funnier than a jumper.

She was right.

She usually is.

All of the best friends are.

Although it did take a few more months of Walter bobbing around in my mind before his shapes started to trickle out out through pencil and paper. Perhaps timing is everything?

Walter was one of those designs that ‘just worked’. Wee Fly Boy was one of those designs. So was Sigmund. They’re feel good characters that go out into the world with a happy, satisfied vibe attached to them.  It makes me proud to know that they’re ideas that have been realised. It makes me feel inspired to pluck the next idea from the holding pattern of critters that’s backing up in my mind as we speak.

Now I come to think of it a cup that feels like it’s over flowing with ideas feels like a nice ‘problem’ to have. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do.

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    I have just discovered you and your immense talent and can’t wait to try a couple of patterns! Please, keep creating…..such a wonderful gift you have!

    Thanks so much, Jody Wood

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