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…that sounds a bit rude doesn’t it? Ha Ha!

I have spent what I would consider to be a rather large chunk of my day yesterday learning how to use this blog. I am a huuuuge believer that books are an essential part of raising children. They promote togetherness. They build vocabulary. They offer little imaginations a wonderful platform to launch themselves from. They are….just wonderful!

So with the help of my handsome husband I have learnt how to use the ‘now reading’ component of my blog and have listed some of the favourite books from around these parts. Such greats as Amy and Louis (published in the US as ‘Half a World Away’), Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa, Olga the Brolga and Flora’s Blanket just to name a few.

It makes my heart sing to see their covers lining the side of my blog page! I hope that you find something in here to tickle your fancy. I have even had a little amateur attempt at writing book reviews for each of them…Mind you if you are looking for a review with nothing nice to say you might be a bit disappointed!


Now go and read a book!

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