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 This is Trinity Beans.

Trinity because it was the only name we could agree on and Beans because she’s just full of them!

She’s a Leo who enjoys sleeping next to someone warm, eating more bbq chicken than should probably be allowed and chewing toes. For preference the boys.

Her aspiration is to see exactly what the feathery chickens are for…and perhaps get close enough for a little taste. Just to compare to the bbq ones.

 At present she’s in danger of losing the use of her legs through being carried around like a baby too much by the boy.

One day he won’t be able to lift her.

I think they should both make the most of it while they can.

She is our new baby.

She is so very loved.

Because really….what’s not to love?!

Welcome to our little family Trinny.
I think it’s going to be a fun ride.

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  1. Kylie

    What a precious little darling Trinity is. Your family would feel complete now I bet with Trinity and the girls in the back yard. We felt incomplete without our latest addition to the family.

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