the gentle art of saying thank you

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A few days ago our daughter asked me what my favourite word was. I wanted to say something like ‘sunshine’ or ‘butterflies’ to appeal to her love of all things pretty. I kind of wanted to say ‘flummoxed’, ‘bamboozled’, ‘haberdashery’ or ‘discombobulated’ because lets face it…they’re just great words. Instead I told her what my favourite word was. Plain and simply it’s ‘thank you’. Technically two words but they go together so well and when they’re said with sincerity combined with just the right amount of happiness they’re the most beautiful words to hear.

So you can imagine how my heart felt when a lovely lady went out of her way to say thank you in such a tangible, tactile and thoughtful way? Giving me the precious time it took to gift me a keepsake of her own making and attaching to it my favourite words. She didn’t need to. The little thing I did was just that…a little thing that I was more than happy to do. What she did was go that extra step that makes the art of saying thankful a gentle and caring thing to do.

Thank you Sarah.

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