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Yesterday was my lovely friend Kate’s birthday. She is an incredibly busy mum of three special little people. She rarely finds time to sit and just be quiet without having to dash off to the next thing she needs to get done. So I thought that it would be nice to have a little tea party for her special day. I invited another of her friends and her mum and together the four of us had a wonderful time!

tea party tower

There were little cakes, biscuits and a birthday cake atop the tower. Oh and of course cups of tea all round (The Little Bush Princess really wanted the birthday girls tiara perched on the top there!).

birthday cake for Kate

…and for a gift I gave her a little water colour that I had done. It was inspired by an English  greeting card I saw years ago. But I never bought it so I cannot accurately attribute the idea to its owner.

little birdies gone to seed

I like the idea of them all sitting together on their twig…still looking almost in their prime…but all of them slightly gone to seed. The little lavender hen second from the end with her pretty little head piece and her slight tummy sag is my favourite!

And as for sewing. I have just finished a super hero cape for a special little man’s third birthday. I love children’s dress ups. They are innocent fun that would be worthless without the wealth of a child’s imagination.

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  1. Rebecca

    Oh Jen that looks fantastic, Kate would have defiantly had a great time especially walking in & seeing what you had done!

  2. Lez

    Jen… what a beautiful friend you are to have a little tea party. It looks just lovely – I feel like a slice of that cake myself! And I want you to know… my firstborn has a beautiful watercolour very similar to that hanging in her room. She has no other things from the ‘old’ life hanging in her room – but she has THAT!

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