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I shared this little group of photographs on Facebook and Instagram the other day. I wish I could share fresh images of what I’ve been up to but I’m afraid I haven’t taken many photos over the past week. I was talking too much you see…because completely out of character for me I ventured off into the world (well…my husband drove me where I needed to go and even walked me to the door…) and went along to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour last week.

I joined the energetic Marie and pottered around her busy Mercier stand. It was fantastic to be able to talk to so many makers and crafty folk about what they were creating and what interesting finds they’d made as they wandered through the show.

If you came along and said hello….then thank you! If you spoke to me then I hope I made sense…it was an overwhelming experience in the most wonderful of ways.

I’m now back in my work room with the sun shinning in through the window (making me a little bit sleepy!). I’m trying to fall back, re-group and and figure out what to do next.

I have Clucky Lily Dolls to finish. I have Sigmund the Sloths to finish and kits to make up. I have absolutely no idea what my next character will be or where it’s inspiration will come from but I’m sure in time it will reveal itself…so things are pretty much back to normal for me.

This country mouse is back home again.


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