sweet little things

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On a Saturday morning we all get out of bed early and organise ourselves to get out the door by 8.30. We are getting better at it…it wasn’t always so though!

We go out so early so that the kids can go to swimming lessons at a local indoor swimming pool. We do this all year round. In the winter it is HARD for us and the children…but it means when the warmer months come the children are ready to use the skills that they have learned at the indoor pool in the outdoors. It gives them exercise in the months when getting out can be a bit difficult and it means that we start our Saturday early instead of languishing in bed. Although I think that some days that is exactly what we all want to do!

After swimming we go around the corner to a little bakery and buy the children a warm bread roll to boost them up after all their efforts. The trip home often turns into a bit of a drive where we chat and nut out what we are going to do for the weekend and just enjoy some time together. This week my husband took us to a small village about 15 minutes drive from ours. It is a ‘weekend’ town. It has lots of cute shops but they mostly only open on the weekend. I love it there because there is a great fabric shop. The kids and my husband like it because next door is a rockin’ little lolly shop with jar after jar of sweet goodness.

This weekend I ducked into the fabric store while my family went in search of sugar. And this is what The Little Bush Princess came out with….

Sweet little things

Sweet sugar coated kittens dressed in bright little frocks complete with hair bows, gathered little skirts and a pocket. I loved their sorbet colours, the fine little pieces of sugar that drifted off them and how well each one was formed!

I should point out at this point that although my daughter loves the lolly shop….I don’t know if she is so excited about eating their wares. These little kittens remain just that. Perfect little kittens. I don’t think that she has eaten one! Maybe it is all just about the thrill of the chase and seeing what she could get! The Golden Child came out with a bag of chocolate frogs. And in true form he has shared them around to everyone each time he has dipped his hand in the bag. He makes me so proud!

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