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I’ve been thinking a lot about what ‘toy making’ means to me lately. I keep coming back to the way that it lets me tell tangible stories.

It lets me work layers of life into characters one stitch at a time…and then send them out into the world for them to become a part of the stories and memories of others.

Since designing the ‘Loveday’s Found Feather’ sewing pattern I’ve been thinking about making some artist made originals from time to time with no thought of what to do with them after they’re made…but rather just to make them.

This little girl caries a lot of Loveday’s accessories with her…because I just loved them. Instead of a coat she has a little blue gosling to be her companion and some knobbly knitted scarves to keep them both company. She also has a little toadstool treasure to take with her.

It’s been so lovely to make for the sake of making a character to hold and tell the world that I did something quite nice today.

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