something is lost something is found…


I am telling myself ‘more craft…more craft…more craft…’ but here I am about to post about what is happening here in our every day to dayness….sorry.

On the weekend we went to a local thrift store that was having a lace sale. I found these and they had to come home with me.


I cannot ever imagine having the skill or the patience or the time to ever create something as wonderful as these. And yet I can go to a thrifting store and buy them for 50 cents each. It almost seems criminal to me! Isn’t the sage green one an unusual colour for lacework?

The thing that saddens me is that they are part of a lost art. Women used to learn, on mass almost how to create these. Now I don’t know of anyone who can achieve this level of quality. When our son was first born a friend of my Nanna made two amazing doilies for his room. She was in her 90’s. They took (and still take) my breath away.

I also picked up this little beauty. My friend would call this a supper cloth. I like that name! She also calls dresses frocks and I love that about her…

supper cloth

I imagine that this was part of a ‘glory box’ from way back when. It is all hand sewn with handmade lace worked into the design…it is just so lovely and everyone who I have shown it to (everyone who has walked in my door…) has agreed with me…and it was $2! Somewhere back in time a lady has spent weeks of her time painstakingly designing, aquiring for and creating this work of art…and someone has given it away. At least it has found a home here with me.

The other new thing around here is this…

loose tooth

The Golden Child had a loose tooth. I say had because he came out of his bedroom this morning with the tooth in his hand! Not our first tooth to be lost but each one takes me back to the first time I saw those teeth buds bursting through those little gums all those years ago. Why do they have to grow up?