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I’m sorry for the distance between posts.

Like Gemma says sometimes it’s like waiting for a bus. It’s either all or nothing. Unfortunately in the feast or famine stakes around here lately it’s been a bit on the lean side!

The Golden Child wasn’t well this morning and I decided to keep him at home. It meant a day at home for everyone. I am loathed to just sit them in front of the television for the whole day so we settled down with a fresh batch of play dough.

play dough again

Are you sick of seeing my kids playing at the craft table with large blobs of coloured dough yet?

I shouldn’t ask that….you might say… yeeeeees!

There was also some drawing. Inspired by the fact that Hugo left today to go to his new home we drew pictures of mice and animals in general….


The children’s pictures are already hung around the house so you will have to be content with one of mine.

Oh and the chaps have joined the lasses. There is a bearded beau for each bonnie babe.


I was thinking that as little Gnomish chaps they would need little Gnome-y hats too….but now they are made I quite like them without them. I will have a bit more of a play around with them.

I don’t know whether to list them in the shop or not. I have a market coming up in about a month. Maybe I should keep them to pad the stall out.

I say pad the stall out…but at the moment they are the sum total of the stock that I have to hand….more stitching required!

That’s about all that’s going on around here at the moment.

What’s good around your house?

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  1. Gemma

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks for the link – you are a Gem!
    Never tired of seeing TLBP and TGC playing at the craft table – it is so uplifting and I love your philosophy of ‘not tv for the whole day’.
    The little gnomies are lovely – I think you should keep them for the market and then maybe put some in your shop after as Christmas decorations. Do they have ribbons/thread to hang? I’d definitely buy a few as they’d look great on my tree. Do you do Christmas trees in Oz? (Sorry for the dim question, not sure if it’s the right season for them as it’s your summer.)
    Enjoy your day with the children. x

  2. janie

    save me at lest 1 gnome and a gnomette !!!!!
    i have finally been out to tame the garden we hd awhole weekend of sunshine so out i went defintely a fair weather gardener me
    its lovely to see pictures of you playing with your children and enjoying their company all a bit rare these days x

  3. Stacey

    The play dough looks like fun! I’m looking forward to the day when I can actually leave Sophie with some of the stuff and not find it ground into the carpet.

    Oh, and I adore those little felt gnomes! You should list a few in your shop–they’re wonderful.

    Hope the Golden Child is feeling better today!

  4. lizzieJane

    We can never have to many pic’c of your little ones playing with their colored dough!
    Hope the Golden Child is feeling better, and enjoying your nice Spring weather.

    You little felt gnomes are adorable Jen, you make such lovely things.

  5. bethany

    We’ve had the same sort of week so far as you! Both kids are back to school now (phew!). I thought it was funny that my son just asked if we had any clay around here! He was modeling with it, just like the playdough days!
    I LOVE your felt gnomes!! They are so cute. Let us know if you do put them in the shop!

  6. Lisa

    Love those gnomes! How tall are they? But most importantly, I love that illustration. Goodnesss… you sew, you draw, you make copious amounts of play dough… is there an end to your talents?!! Seriously, you draw beautifully!

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