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I have been playing with photoshop a bit of late. I have to admit that I am the least technologically gifted person I know….so it goes without saying that the simple and instantly gratifying nature of photoshop is right up my alley! Yes siree Bob!

I have enjoyed seeing the images of my children transformed into works of watercolour art and have played with that filter a lot! However I have also started playing with outlines and contrasts. Fiddling with the brightness levels. There just seems no end to the amount of fun I can have with this….I said I was a simpleton didn’t I??

golden child working on kombi

This is the Golden Child working on his father’s 1971 Kombi Devon Camper….I love how mature and all grown up he looks in this picture every time I come across it. In this quiet picture of him I can imagine the man that he will one day be. With a bit of tickling the contrasts and the outlines and he then becomes of art to me! But I am his mother….I might be a teensy bit biased?

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