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Over the next few weeks I’m going to be adding new designs to my Etsy store. I’ll announce their release both here and on Facebook and Instagram. This is the first cat off the rank (see what I did there?!). This pattern is called ‘Pebbles the Cat’.

When it came to looking for a name for this felty kitty I toyed with a lot of ideas. Something lyrical perhaps? Or a nod to great fisherfolk from salty tales of the high seas? Or something ever so witty? I couldn’t even decide if this cat was a boy or a girl. In the end I settled with ‘Pebbles’(although for our purposes let’s just call her ‘Pebby’) and I wanted to tell you why…and it has nothing to do with The Flintstones.

Pebby is a pet from my childhood although she was never ‘mine’. She was never anybody’s really. A smokey blue grey shorthair, she was aloof, timid and quite a mystery to me. I was used to overly friendly moggies. The always under foot kind wanting a scratch or to sit on your lap. I don’t think Pebby ever sat on my lap but I did feel very privileged if she sat ‘with’ me from time to time. To achieve this I usually had to resort to quietly sidling my way into her company and hope she didn’t skedaddle.

Pebby lived with my grandparents. She, like her house mate a cantankerous, overweight ginger tom called ‘Sam’ both wandered into their lives, at different times, and decided that they’d stay. She grew fat with their care and enjoyed the slow beat that their home moved to. She smelled of wood ovens and mustard coloured woolly knitted cardigans. She loved to sleep in the sun, eat smelly fish and…sleep in the sun…or by the fire.

So this grey, smelly fish catching, felty kitty is my nod to Pebby in thanks for the moments she let me spend in her company…before stalking off to find a quieter place, without kids in it.

Pebby’s namesake is a felty fishercat who knows the value of a sturdy raincoat and hat to keep warm and dry. Fishing is an important business so it’s important to be ready for every eventuality.

I’ve released Pebbles the Cat as a paper pattern. Now it’s time to pop a copy or two into my Etsy store as a PDF pattern…so I’m going to do that this Friday. Friday 13th’s have always been kind to me so it seems like a feel good thing to do.

As part of the celebration of getting Pebbles into my store I’m going to give away a PDF copy of the pattern away. Either leave a comment on this post or over on this post on Frazzy Dazzle’s Facebook page or over on Instagram and I’ll have The Little Bush Princess choose a comment out of a hat on Thursday evening.

***   Edit…Jan Frecklington received the Pebbles the Cat pattern. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in the fun. Pebbles is now listed in my Etsy store as a downloadable PDF pattern.   ***

Hope everyone’s day is going swimmingly x

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