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Sitting next to me as I write this is Simone Gooding from May Blossom’s first and fabulous book ‘Little Traveller’.

I was fortunate to be asked by Simone to be a part of a group of makers given an early sneak peak at this little treasure and I wasn’t going to say no. In fact I’m very humbled to be included in such a wonderful and talented group of needle women.

As a maker myself I know how much effort goes into dreaming up an idea and deciding how shapes will work together. The consideration you need to give to size, proportion, colour and materials. The toil that goes into giving a character depth and a personality that will draw others to want to join you in making them. A whole lot of the maker goes into each and every creation. I had never considered how much of a maker must go into a book until I turned the pages of this beauty.

So much of this book is pure Simone. I love how the character’s personalities almost talk to each other from one project to the next.

I’ve watched over the last year or so as Simone has gathered one of her other great loves, illustration into being a cornerstone of her making. This book is dotted, scattered and positively filled with Simone’s characters coming to life in what touches on being a children’s story book woven through and dotted among the ‘how to’ instructions.

My hat is off to her. I was in awe by page six and had to put the jug on to sit back and take in the amount of effort required by the time I reached the final page.

Because I’m a maker too I don’t often let other designers in the driver’s seat. In fact over the past two years the only other toys I’ve made have been Simone’s. Her loyalty to her own personal style and choice of materials appeals to me. One of the hardest things to do in toy making, to my mind, is to make small things well. The next hardest thing is to make small things that other people are able can follow along and make as well. It can be crazy hard sometimes!

After googling the name ‘Purslane’ and discovering that it was a kind of portulaca plant (looking out my window I can see three garden beds spilling over with portulaca flowers) I knew which project I’d make first.

I hope I did justice to the spirit of Simone’s little hedgehogger.

My guy is a little more scruff-ish-ly (that’s a word now…you can use it)…rouge-ish than Simone’s handsome chap but none the worse for it I hope!

He has certainly brought a smile to my face each time I look at him.

He even inspired me to pick up my own scribbling bits and bobs on a dull day to make a little back drop for him.

So…I guess what I’m trying to say is if talented toy makers inspire you then don’t second think getting a copy of this lovely book (published by for yourself. A wander through the imaginings and talents of another is never an opportunity we should think twice about.

Simone is having a giveaway on Instagram if you’d like to head on over and have a squizz.  There’s also a pretty nifty blog hop afoot if you’re interested in seeing what other makers bring to life from ‘Little Traveller’. Just use the hashtag #littletravellerbook over on Instagram.

The full list of participants are below. Lots of inspiration to be had between now and 3rd April!

15th March – Simone Gooding (@simone_gooding)
16th March – Winterwood (@winterwoodcraft)
17th March – Kerri Horsley (@sewdeerlyloved)
18th March – Shelly Down (@gingermelongirl)
19th March – Mimi Kirchner (@mimikirchner)
20th March – Lauren Wright (@mollyandmama)
21st March – Anne Sutton (@bunnyhilldesigns)
22nd March – Jennifer Goldsmith (@frazzydazzles)
23rd March – Manuela Trani (@nuvolinahandmade)
24th March – Jess Cunningham (@pastyourporchlight)
25th March – Simone Gooding (@simone_gooding)
26th March – Jo Molony (@deerdarlingdolls)
27th March – Minki Kim (@zeriano)
28th March – Jooles Hill (@sewsweetviolet)
29th March – Sedef Imer (@downgrapevinelane)
30th March – Ayda Algin (@cafenohut)
31st March – Katy Livings (@katylivings)
1st April – Jodie Carlton (@jodiericrac)
2nd April – Melinda Hume (@mooseandbird)
3rd April – Simone Gooding (@simone_gooding)

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