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Something that I have read about a lot in blogland has been the fact that it is hard to get the right light for photography. The girls in the northern hemisphere at the moment talk a lot of not having enough light. Weelll, I have got to say that was not my problem today. Apart from having trouble posing my little rabbits due to the fact that they make the most sense in photos if they are viewed from the side….I had too much light! Maybe it was because I tried to take the photographs too early in the morning when the sun was shining into the house at the wrong angle? Maybe I would have been better to take them out to the garden? Hmmmm….anyhoo. Here are my little attempts at creating Easter Bunnies! I apologise in advance for the photographs!

cherry rabbit
Cherry Rabbit

rose rabbit
Rose Rabbit

Posie Rabbit
Posie Rabbit


Together they make a little trio of bunniness.

bunnies three
I am not sure what I will do with them yet. I can’t give them to the Princess as a surprise because she has already seen them. Maybe they need to go into a shop? Maybe I should figure out a way to sell from this site?? Either way they are doing their bit to raise the Easter spirit around here for the time being. Although I strongly suspect that the Easter Bunny is a boy! I think I would have made them if it was Easter or not!


Hope you are having a great day

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  1. Melly

    Hi Jen, Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and your beautiful comments!! I have to tell you that these rabbits you have made are just delicious!!! I LOVE them and the sweet fabrics you have chosen for them – I can imagine they will bring a lot of Easter cheer!!

  2. julie

    Oh! they are wonderful. i love the fabrics that you’ve used (polka dots always do it for me) and they have such sweet faces and lovely big feet – perfect!

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