little golden book treasures?

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Some days I drive past opportunity shops and never bat an eye.

Other days I KNOW that there is something in there waiting for me and I have to go in and rummage around. Yesterday was kind of one of those days but with a difference. I’d been in this store the day before and walked away from a lovely old mirror. Once home, remorse that I had left it behind set in so I decided to go back the next day and see if it was still there. Luckily it was!


….but seeing as I was already in the shop it wasn’t going to hurt if I just had another little look around would it?

So glad I did!

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Because these little vintage beauties were waiting for me. Stacked in a basket full of plastic fantastic Fisher Price toys!

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So beautifully kept, in a plastic sleeve with some cardboard to keep them straight and safe.

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Mostly they’re un-cut and apart from some yellowing sticky tape marks (none of which are really over the illustrations), a little moth or perhaps silver fish predation around the edges are in wonderful condition!

A couple of sheets down I think I found what I had suspected from the moment I picked them up.

A link to Little Golden Books of days gone by.

So much to love about this little find. It feeds my love of dolls, childhood and children books in one little bundle.


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  1. bethany

    Those paper dolls are fabulous! I love things like that– and you are right: to find something with the Little Golden Books illustrated on it also is a real find!

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