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Around here Lalaloopsy dolls have never really found their place. It’s probably partially because of me. I tend to try and encourage Freya towards baby dolls or handmade dolls. Although when it comes to these little darlings…they’ve never really appealed to her either. I think it’s the eyes.

P1100770  P1100768

That was until yesterday when I found this little barely dressed lady at the op shop. Upon holding her Freya declared that she quite liked this dolly. She was ‘one of the nice ones’ apparently. The problem was that she had no clothes (you can’t have everything for your $2 investment) and it’s getting cold around here. No problem I thought. I’ll just go shopping tomorrow and buy her a frock or two…actually that was a problem. Turns out you can’t just buy clothes for these gals ‘down the street’ at the moment.

So with little time and no pattern but I have to admit a tad more enthusiasm than I thought I would ever muster for one of these dolls I have spent an hour dressing her.


She has a little pillow slip dress (with some questionable, didn’t think to embroider before I cut it out…now it won’t fit into a hoop words on it).


And a little frock coat.

P1100765  P1100766

 All in all I think she’s in pretty good condition. The only real flaw I can find on her is this little orange stripe in her rosy cheek.


For the time being though…she’s going to have to be shoeless. I think they will take some thinking about!


…and just like that we have a Lalaloopsy doll in the house. Something tells me she won’t be on her own for too long.

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  1. Gem

    Totally transformed! Her eyes work with her homemade clothes. I love the frock coat. It really suits her and adds a touch of class 🙂 well done you! An hour very well spent. I bet Freya loves her 🙂 x

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