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In every refridgerator there are things that are just your basic essentials. You will always find milk, butter, cheese and tomatos in our refridgerator. You will also usually find cooked chipolatas on a plate ready for the kids to snack on when they get a little hungry.

Likewise you will also usually find a stock of homemade play dough wrapped up in cling wrap on one of the lower…children’s reach friendly shelves. We usually have all the colours of the rainbow and two kinds of green (the children’s favourite colour).

Every now and then these little parcels become immune to my attempts to revive them with a little more water or a splash of extra oil. This was the case today. At that point there is no denying the need to make a fresh batch.

Now I am sure that everyone out there has a recipe for homemade play dough…but this is ours.

You will need:

2 cups of plain flour

4 tablespoons of cream of tartar

2 tablespoons of oil

1 cup of salt

2 cups of boiling water

food colouring

We put our flour and cream of tartar into a large mixing bowl. While in another we mix the salt with the boiling water and oil. By mixing the salt and the boiling water at this point you improve the consistency of the final dough as it disolves a large proportion of the salt before it is mixed with the flour.

If you only wish to make your dough one colour then you can add your food colouring to the water/salt/oil mix. This will give you the evenest colour with the least amount of effort.

Combine all of your ingredients in the bowl that holds the flour and stir until it is all combined. Basically that is it. All that is left is to turn it out and knead the dough.

the beginnings

the beginnings…

coming together nicely

coming together nicely

on the board

out on the board

a pea green beauty

a pea green beauty

If you prefer (as we often do) to make many colours from your batch then do not add your dye to the salt mix and instead seperate the final dough mix into smaller bundles and add the dye to the finished dough. Now knead it until your little bundle is evenly coloured.

This can be quite a lovely thing to do. The dough is warm and plyable and you can feel it as it becomes more and more silky. All part of the wonderful and simple chemistry that is play dough creation.

The only thing left to do is to set up an irresistable game…

irresistable game

and enjoy the fun to follow

rolling dough

birdies…a big favourite around here!


simple things and simple fun makes the best memories…

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  1. Lez

    That is my exact recipe for playdough that I used to make all the time whilst working in Preschools and day care centres and then later for my own young-uns! I even managed to sell $350.00 worth of the flour and salt concoction at a street stall one Saturday. I don’t know when I’ll need to make it again. It is a lovely little journey down memory lane seeing your darling daughter enjoy the delights of playdough!

  2. Bek

    Hey Jen,

    I was yet to have a play dough recipe…rather a beginner at the Mummy thing, but will definitely file this away for when Lucy is ready to make the shapes of her imagination!
    Beautiful photos, beautiful kids!

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