…i’m still alive…i’ve even been making things

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As the title of the post says. I haven’t popped my clogs. I’ve just been…well elsewhere really. Mostly on Facebook. It’s the time poor bloggers tool of choice. It’s also good for people like me who are shallow as puddles and who seek instant feedback from people (but only if it’s good of course…only if it’s good).

Today as I sit to make some foxie loxies (and contemplate how much my machine needs to be serviced…) I thought I would l pop some photographs on here of things I’ve been rustling up.

Oh! Also, in an attempt to fall back in love with my blog post hacking I’ve FINALLY found out how (you should read that as husband has shown me…) to make my photographs wonderfully full size in my blog again! Happiness and Bliss!

P1110700P1110673P1110656P1110558P1110713P1110769P1110706 P1110723P1110764

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  1. newsurfiegirl

    What beautiful dolls!! Still hoping to get time to make some of your designs which have been featured in Homespun, I just love them. Glad to see you back and posting photos of your wonderful creations! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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