i’m dyeing here

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I’ve been making some foxes…and some ducklings…and maybe even some goslings depending on your preferences!



I’ve made so many red foxes now that I’m plum out of red wool dang nab it!

Such a shame…I’ve been forced to dust of my dyeing pot and play with colour. Any excuse really! Just wish I had more dyes to play around with but red will have to do for today.

Actually it will probably do tomorrow and the day after and the day after that because I was a bit foolish and plunged my hands into that warm coloured soup and played around with the fabric. I couldn’t help it. It looked too good not to. Now I look like a woman with a stonkingly well developed nicotine habit with no real preference for which fingers she holds her cigarettes in. I’m sure it will wear off by Monday….surely.

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