how does the garden grow?

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Spring has sprung around here. Everything is growing its socks off. Before Winter Hubby and I declared that we would make a solid 12 month effort at increasing the amount of food we would grow in our home garden. Since then two more garden beds have been installed in the back yard and things are starting to look very…green out there.


The strawberry plants are popping with flowers. Our Freya loves strawberries and I’d hate to think the amount of money we’ve spent on punnets of them over the years. I’ve bulked out our plant numbers by swapping within a gardening group and through plant gifts from kind friends.


The peas have been flowering for a while now and some plants have started podding. We shared the first pod after dinner on Sunday night. One pod, split between the four of us. The plant kindly placed four peas within to make sharing even…the bunny got the pod. Nothing wasted!


I love the fine little tendrils. It amazes me that theses delicate twists can withstand the ferociousness of the frosts we have towards the end of winter. The peas even managed to battle through multiple snowfalls this year.


The sprouting broccoli has started…well sprouting! We’ll be harvesting it for dinner in no time! I’m very excited about this one too!


I love how the water beads on the leaves and lingers after watering. There are so many shades of green in the garden this morning. Everyone is a beauty.


The girls made me laugh this morning. They spent yesterday very industriously digging over and into the sunflower bed that I planted the day before. Silly me foolishly thought if I covered the seeds well enough with mulch the girls wouldn’t know they were even there. It’s like I’m new here or something! The moment they were let out this morning the first thing they did was head to where they’d feasted the day before.


Only to find that someone had selfishly covered the little plot with pieces of chicken wire of all things! They clucked around and discussed strategy with each other for a while before Peep (in my mind the brains of the operation) decided that there were probably better things to find that offered far less of a fight.


So begrudgingly Mrs Merle Pickle followed her off to seek their gastronomical fortunes elsewhere in the garden. Somewhere that the evil forces of bird wire had yet to reach. Poor girls. They’ll still be moaning about that when they sit down for elevensies.


Elsewhere in the garden Miss Winsome Twitch Dustbunny is also lending a hand to the garden digging cause. Only she’s currently working on a yet to be approved garden bed in the middle of the lawn. I haven’t the heart to tell her that it won’t matter how much she digs…she’s with us for the long haul. The angle of this photo doesn’t do justice to the fresh air domicile she has planned.


She’s just a gloss little black bunny with dreams of warren of her very own. A girl’s gotta dream. Please excuse the blurry quality of this snap. She was moving pretty fast. That dirt was really flying.

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope your day is as lovely as the weather is here today.


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