history tells me to get in early

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There is tinsel in the shops so it must be time to start thinking about Christmas.

Specifically the annual Christmas card fiasco.

So…time to draw up the image.

That takes around about a day.

It takes another day to paint it.

Then…..it takes two months to figure out how we will get it scanned?

What weight and size card to print it on?

How many do we need?

Can we get envelopes to fit?

What colour should the envelopes be?

How can we get them printed without the whole experience being too costly?

…..and so it goes.

Well…the image is drawn and painted in October so surely they will get to their destinations before Christmas eve….surely.


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  1. Audrey Wilson

    Hi Jenny,
    Your Xmas card image is soooo cute!!
    Have just been to the newsagency and picked
    up a copy of the latest Homespun, particularly
    for your pattern. So excited to get the opportunity
    to make it!! Thank you! Smiles, Audrey

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