hippity hoppity easter’s on it’s way…

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I was walking past the craft table and saw this little scene….

easter comes to the craft table

These fantastic little fabric covered eggs were $3.00 from a local ‘cheapy’ shop. They were too good to walk past. It was made all the harder when the Little Bush Princess clutched them to her chest and begged ‘Please Mumma, can we have theeeese?’. Of course we were going to have them! We were always going to have them.

I was sprung taking this photo and as usual the little princess needed to get in on a bit of that snap shot action and the photo taking quickly went as follows…

clutching her eggs

and this….

offering eggs

and finally this….somehow so many photo opportunities end like this!

close up on the princess

I think that this is what attracts me so much to this medium of recording our everydayness. I might have just walked past this scene if I wasn’t on the lookout for something to add here. And just look at what I would have missed!

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