giveaway as promised…


Here she is… Sugar, all gussied up in the pretty skirt and pinny her mother made for her.


She does look pretty…even if I do say so myself! But I thought that she sort of looked just a little bit lonely. To give her away into another home all on her own just didn’t seem to be right. So she is taking her big brother Barley with her!

barley in the garden

Isn’t he handsome in the super hero cape his mother made for him? Barley and Sugar have been out playing in the garden while the autumn leaves fall…

barley and sugar together

But there is always time for a quick cuddle.

Now down to the business of the giveawayÂ

Leave me a comment to be in the draw to win this lovely pair. I will hold the comments open until 10pm (est Australia) Saturday 10th May 2008. Then the children and I will put all of the comments into a tea cup (I can’t imagine we will need anything bigger! I am way too new to this blogging thing!) and the kids will draw out the winner.

 I see this as a great opportunity to hear from and meet new people so if you have the time I would love to hear from you.

Good luck with Barley and Sugar!Â