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A while ago my blog was…for want of a better word ‘hacked’ by someone who thought that my little sewing blog offered them a wonderful opportunity to sell Marlboro cigarettes. I know! You don’t have to tell me…you’ve aaaalllll been wondering where you could buy the cheapest ciggies for ages right?

So…to fix this Scott had to remove and reload my blog. The problem was that it could never look or be the same again. The other problem was that I quite liked it how it was.

Now I know change is a good thing and it should come to everything. I guess I would just have preferred to make the choice to have a little renovate rather than having it thrust upon me.

So…here we find ourselves in this new and I think rather boring format. It’s not his fault. This was the template I chose from the zillions there were to decide from. The thing is that I just don’t ‘love’ my blog anymore and I haven’t for a long time. I often wonder if people really read blogs anymore? Do they? Do you? I rarely seem to. I just don’t seem to have the time anymore.

So…I kind of took the things I blogged about here and I took them to Facebook. It seems to work well. It’s rather gratifying (in a shallow as a puddle kind of way) to see how many people look at the mumblings you put out into the world. It’s wonderful to read back the words that people have taken the time to write. In truth I really love Facebook…but of late I’ve been thinking of this little space. Long forgotten. Long neglected but with all the potential it had when I first started rambling here all those many years ago.

However, it all seems different and maybe even a bit wrong to share here as I can’t do it like I did before. There are no children to bake with, no play dough to make or tea parties to cater for. The children are settled in school. Heck! Harry is even in High School now! So, what to share? What to say? How to make the most of the potential this space holds and fall back in love with it again? Perhaps it was time for this space to be a little bit more about me…but that’s rather confronting to someone who tends to withdraw from the world like I do.

Well, in a few days time my next Homespun feature will be out. I will post some photos of that shall I?

I need to sort out pattern covers. They’re ‘doing my head in’ in the most abhorrent fashion at the moment. Maybe someone can point out where I’m going wrong and I will see the light and move forward?

Maybe I will take some snaps of Trinny the crazy hound or a photo or two of the hens as they sail around the yard? Surely someone would like that.

All assuming I figure out how to post a photo to a post. You will notice that there are no images in this one!

I’ll try hard to see you in a few days my little blog. Maybe we can live in this space together again and fall back in love with one another?

We’ll see shall we?

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