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Around this time last year the wonderful Marie from Mercier took some of my new designs with her to a large Sydney craft fair. We’d been having a bit of a giggle with people taking snaps holding Sigmund the Sloth and posting to Instagram with the hashtag #selfiewithsigmund. It was good fun for everyone who joined in and a great way for me to see people’s reactions to my silly designs from the other side of the Blue Mountains. Little did I know that this little hashtag giggle would introduce me to the indefatigable Jen Kennedy who joined in the fun and in doing so began a little ball rolling that would see me having the honour of contributing a design to the 19th issue of her amazing digital magazine ‘One Thimble’.

The whole process was like a breath of fresh air for me. So different to every other published project I’ve ever had. It was great to feel like a true part of that energetic train. Jen’s process of pulling together One Thimble is high energy and full of excitement. She’s so incredibly supportive of the contributing designers as well as the big number of sewing enthusiasts that are drawn to One Thimble, not only for the designs and patterns but for the friendship and community the magazine creates.

The theme for the edition was ‘Play Time’ so as a toy maker I felt like there had to be something I could add. If you know my designs you know that silkies have been popping up from time to time in my creations. I have a flock of chickens that float around my backyard and pick their way through my veg patch. I get to watch them every day from where I work so it was always inevitable that they would creep into my work! My Clucky Lily Dolls had acquired a few as companions along the way but they were small, dolly sized silkies.

So…it seemed right to upsize the idea and work on a pattern for a fluffy silkie complete with flight helmet (because pretty much any toy can be made cuter with the addition of a flight helmet…in my humble opinion!) and see if Jen liked her…

…and she did! So to my delight, Dixie the Silkie joined with all of the other inspiring designs in One Thimble’s current issue.

If you’re interested in having  squizz at the work of the fantastic makers Jen draws together then then pop along to One Thimble using this link. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to the magazine or just have a look at the gorgeous images that float through its pages. Or if something particularly tickles your fancy you can purchase patterns individually using this link.

If you feel like you really need a fluffy flightless bird in a humorous flight helmet…then this is the link to Dixie’s pattern.

Happy Wednesday everyone. I’m off to write the pattern for a new design…oddly enough for another flightless bird…no flight helmet this time though! Perhaps my next make needs to be something completely different…like a goldfish?

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  1. Robyn in the Rat

    Your designs make me smile so much.
    I can imagine how loved they are by those who are gifted the makes. ?

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