coloured eggs for sister sue…..

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coloured eggs for the table

These little beauties have made their way to the middle of our dinner table. At Christmas we had a bowl filled with shiny glass Christmas baubles. So I thought for Easter we would fill the bowl with Easter decorations. This proved a little harder than I first thought. In Australia most people don’t decorate their homes for Easter.


I found these wonderful glossy painted eggs at another local ‘cheapy’ store. And just like Christmas I need to keep an eye on the Princess to make sure that she does not ‘borrow’ them for a quick game of chickies or two. I have got them counted! (mainly so I know if I have got them all when I clean up before going to bed!)


I thought that this year I would try and take the emphasis off chocolate at Easter for the children. I am planning a clued treasure hunt with Easter themed rewards as the treasures. I have been slowly collection them over the past few weeks. I think it will work out well because The Golden Child is so doing so well with his reading now, he will be able to lead his sister and be a bit of a master of his own Easter destiny!


By decorating the house, even just a little bit, I hope to make the lead up the Easter more about something we will be doing as a family and less about cavities!

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