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Amelia-Dear and Reg the silkie

For a long time now I’ve felt stuck in a rut. Wondering what people would like to make and wondering if I can come up with a design that will inspire people to make. That’s what I really want to do. I want to light a ‘making things’ fire in as many people as I can. It’s a fabulous thing to see someone hold something in their hands that you’ve made and see the glint in their eye that says they want to make it too.

This stalling combined with a long and rainy winter has seen me struggle for pattern ideas. In an attempt to re-light my own making fire I decided to work on a new doll design and these little guys are what I came up with. My other dolls are called ‘Flaura Dolls’. These cuties are called ‘Clucky Lily Dolls’…just quietly I love them…a lot!

p1130965Briar and Rosie the silkie hen

I’m really taken with the fact that I can make boy and girl dolls that retain a very similar style with only a few little tweaks. I really struggled to create boy dolls from my Flaura Dolls pattern and was never completely pleased with the finished results of these attempts.


Phineas and Trilby the bear

This pattern though…is different! It makes gorgeous boy dolls that are just as lovely and playable as the girls.


Ned and Tommy the bear

How cute is this little guys piranha hat? So much fun to make and satisfying when you pop it over his crazy white hair.



I want these dolls to be wholesome and whimsical. I want them to have personality and character. I want them to go into their future with a little back story to feed play in the future whether that inspiration come from the ‘familiar’ or toy that comes with them or the clothes they wear. I want their new owners to imagine them jumping in puddles or playing hide and seek. I want them to be an intricate part of every pillow fort and trip to visit friends.

I’m really excited about these dolls. Can you tell?

I’ve listed them for sale in my Etsy store if you’d like to have a squizz.




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