chalky and cotton go camping

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It’s been such a long time since I set my mind to designing a play set. Not since the On Toadstool Lane series of patterns but this little duo have been ticking away quietly in the back of my mind for a little while now.


This is ‘Chalky and Cotton Go Camping’ and…just quietly I love them…a lot! Probably too much…!


They’re two back pack wearing polar bear campers. Their dome tent is given shape using poles made from clear, flexible vinyl tubing that you can easily source from any hardware store.


Their sleeping bags sit snugly inside and they can ward the cold off with sensible hot water bottles.


Mind you…they don’t have to sleep in their tent. If it’s not too cold out they could always spend the evening talking by the fire.

Any polar bear will tell you that the wilds of the Arctic are not the place to be caught unawares and I hope that with all their bits and bobs this happy pair will be able to brave hours of fun, games and play.

I’m so glad I made these little guys. It makes me want to create more play sets. If you’re interested in stitching your own little chilly duo they’re available as a downloadable PDF pattern in my Etsy store.


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