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bumble bees face

This little guy lives at our house. He has quickly become a big favourite with The Little Bush Princess. But he didn’t always look like this. When Bumble first came to our house he was an old faded chenille bedspread. But now he is a vision of beary-ness!

bumble bee full length

He is a very old fashioned bear with his long hooky arms and legs. Although I don’t think Steiff ever thought of using a bedspread to create their timeless masterpieces!

bumble bees nose

He does hold onto a lot of his earlier days though. He has random fade over his body. A relic from the days when he laid on a bed under a window I suspect. The fade was probably the thing that bought him his ticket to the opportunity shop in the first place! I had to make his nose look a bit ‘rough’. Perfect would never have suited this little chap!

The strange thing is that most things in our home ‘belong’ to someone. That’s my doll. That’s my blanket. Sharing always happens but someone always seems to retain ownership of said objects…but bumble just seems to be part of the house. Bumbling his way through he moves from room to room and from game to game without ever causing a fuss or a fight. He brings a lovely peacefulness to games. The children seem to be just happy to be with him with no need to possess him. Does that mean he’s mine? hmmmm, maybe! And why is he bumble? Because his paw pads are soft yellow cotton with bumble bees busily flying little patterns on them.

I think that re-using fabrics like this teaches the children that things don’t have to be ‘new’ to be desirable. What something is now… or how something looks today does not mean that is what it always has to be…or look like. Imaginations is the mother of all invention….right alongside necessity of course!

Have a great day.

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  1. Jenny F

    AaaaH! I love bumble. I wish He lived at my house. Your post has got me thinking about reincarnation! I wonder Bumble sits around with his Tedddy buddies pondering his former life. “I’ve been told I was a bedspread in a previous life”

  2. Lez

    Oh how I love love love Bumble. He has such character and it looks to me like he has an interesting personality of his own. And to think he is getting cuddled and played with still – only in a different way. Chenille is such a tactile textile isn’t it – no wonder you love it so!

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