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This is Franklin Fox and his homemade puppets…and I like him a lot!

This is the second time I’ve released Franklin as a pattern. He was actually one of my original designs from waaaay back when I first started putting characters out into the world for other people to make as well. My first Franklin was bigger than this version. I loved him big…but I REALLY love him now he’s smaller. Like Fly Boy his character magnified as he shrunk.

The first Franklin Fox was made from my old favourite, wool flannel which people found hard to source. By using cotton quilting fabric this time around he became finer and his lines were sharper…well to my mind at least.

Franklin’s character is that of a story teller. I imagine Franklin isn’t the best of hunters. What he lacks in skill he more than makes up for with enthusiasm. Unfortunately that enthusiasm often sees him tripping over a watering can just as he’s rounding on a tasty chicken…or sneezing when he’s steps away from plucking a duck. Because of his clumsy ways Franklin has more lean days than good. His thin, spidery arms and legs show that he doesn’t always bring home the bacon…or the chicken as the case may be.

Today however things went his way. He has a full round tummy and tales to tell about his bravery and prowess as a provider. To me he’s about to put on a puppet show for the cubs and with a full belly he can’t wait to get started. He might even embellish the chase a little…actually, I’m sure he will. After all…wouldn’t you?

So that’s my Franklin, half the size and twice the personality. Good things do come in small packages.

He’s just been listed in my Etsy Store as an instantly downloadable PDF pattern. He makes me smile. I hope you like him too!

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