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P1130683 Cropped smallBeatrice was designed as a feature for Australian Homespun Magazine. She was a simple brief….’make a beaver softie’. It’s the best way for ideas to form. Start with something simple and keep on adding until you have something grand.

This is what…or rather who I came up with.

This is Beatrice Beaver !

All of my toys have a back story and for the most part it lives only in my head because I never really get around to telling people about the kooky ideas that float around in my imagination. Beatrice’s story goes a bit like this…

P1130676 small

She’s the youngest in her rather large family but she’s not a baby anymore and is starting to become a bit adventurous. A bit like one of our babies when they take their first real steps and end up pulling the Tupperware cupboard apart two days later.

Her mother is always as busy as…well a beaver! He mother always wears an apron just for the pocket space as her hands are always occupied tending to children, preparing food or working on the never ending up keep of the family lodge. Today mum needs to be outside helping her husband and sons ready the dam for Winter. Knowing her hands will be just as busy as ever and that little Beatrice needs to be safe too she’s popped her floral bathing cap on (because she just washed her hair this morning) and sat Beatrice in her new ducky floaty so she can be kept close while still having fun. Mothers are terribly inventive when things need to get done. If the pocket of her apron was larger she might have put her in there!

P1130680 small

Luckily for Beatrice her mother’s apron is full so instead she’s gladly paddling about, happy to be a part of the hustle and bustle of the dam with her floaty for as long as she gets the chance. Perhaps the floaty is a kind of beaver pram? It certainly allows her to bob around among her brothers and be a part of the excitement.

P1130682 small

Beatrice’s character is almost as big as her teeth all wrapped up in a cute little floating bundle!

As a project Beatrice will be a satisfying make for someone who has made a few toys…or perhaps a bit of a happy challenge for someone just dipping their toe in toy making. She uses pretty easy to source materials such as wool felt, DMC embroidery threads, a safety nose and shiny black teddy bear eyes to give her a glint of mischief and happiness to her eyes. She also has a set of small teddy bear joints in her limbs to make her poseable and just that little bit more playable for her maker. I’ve listed her for sale in my Etsy store here as a downloadable PDF pattern. The pattern will arrive to you as one file and will easily print on your home printer using standard sized paper. All pattern shapes print to size within one page so there’s no cutting or pasting required to make templates. Easy peasy!

Thank you for taking the time to read Beatrice’s story. She’s a cute addition to my pattern collection and I’m mighty happy that I was asked to ‘make a beaver softie’!

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