baking for a bunny

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…..well the Easter Bunny was due at our place last night. It seemed a little rude of us to expect him to leave us with little presents and not have something for him in return….so the kids and I set about baking….what else? Carrot cakes. Little ones to be more precise.

bunny baking

and they must have done the trick because in return for our offerings of carrot cakes, fresh carrots and a drink of water we were showered with goodies. There was this lovely little pair of china rabbits for the Little Bush Princess.

bunnies two

She also made out like a bandit with these glamorous little cheepy cheeps…

stylish cheepy cheeps

with their little neck kerchiefs I can see why the bunny was so taken with them…I am too!

stylish cheepy cheep

The Easter Bunny seems to have been a little more concerned with engaging the children’s minds and a little less on rotting their teeth this year because as I write this there are stretched canvases drying. There are games of felt board creations afoot and there is a never ending stream of little object (mostly the little chicks above…) hatching out of a rather snazzy collection of brightly coloured eggs. It has kept them amused for hours! All the time while wearing their fluffy bunny ears and Easter hats….tonight they will be off to bed in their new Easter pj’s….I wish I was one of my kids!

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