Autumn is in the wind

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Our garden is a lovely place. It is a space that my husband is the chief of. He has the passion for all things green and it is he that keeps this space ticking over. He has been hindered in this task recently by the endless picking and scratching of my three urban hens Dorothy Dinsdale, sweet little Rosie and her daughter Poppy.

They are currently involved in a strict maintenance program where they are spending large swags of their leisure time being confined to quarters instead of up rooting new plantings as they would surely love to be doing! In a later post I will slot in some shots of the girls. They are a delight to me and a cause of frustration for my husband!

But summer is not long for these shores. Autumn is on the wind our beautiful agapanthus don’t look like this anymore…


or this….



The leaves will change soon and the cold will come. The clothes won’t go out on the line anymore and the children will be swathed in layers to keep the winds chill at bay. Windows won’t be flung open at the start of the day and closed after dark…But for now the sun is still here and the grass still has warmth under your toes. But it does feel like there is a change coming soon.

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  1. Lez

    Goodness – it feels like just yesterday we were having this very same conversation – but now I realise it is a year ago! I cannot believe the time has passed so very quickly. This year for us however – there will be no winter heating and no winter fires and probably no hanging the washing all over the house! It is one thing I can look forward to!

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