I am wife of one, mother of two and creator of the bits and pieces that live in my imagination and dreams. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed ‘making things’. There’s so much satisfaction in holding something that embodies all of the best bits of an idea and know that it if you hadn’t sat and found a way to cobble it together that it wouldn’t exist. Frazzy Dazzles is the umbrella that all my making gathers under and I’m never happier than I am when I’m caught up in their company.

For me delight comes from working with natural materials and tried and true methods of construction. Cotton, wool flannel and wool felt are signature materials for me. It makes me happy to see the warp and the weft of the fabric. I love the way natural fabrics take on the smell and nature of the home they’re kept in and the people who hold them. It’s my chief delight to draw a line on paper and see that line replicated faithfully in a softie. It almost feels like magic to me. I hope that there is an honesty and integrity in the pieces I make that others will find appealing.

I’m sure I’m not alone in admiring the skills of other women who ‘make things’ that have come before us. I’m thankful that they shared their skills and knowledge borne of generations of necessity and handed down the tricks and secrets that allowed them to create useful and beautiful things with no more than what they have to hand. Hopefully I’m able to pass on some of the skills I’ve learnt along the way through my designs and patterns. I never want people to think ‘I can’t do that’. Instead I want everyone to just try. You may just surprise yourself. I’ve been humbled when I’ve seen people’s interpretations of my shapes and lines. Never more so than when they share photographs of their creations being clutched by the loved one they were intended for.

I try as much as I can to make my creations ‘playable’. I hope that my designs go on to have names and become familiar characters in your home. I hope you and your family build memories around them. I hope they all take on their own personalities and that you always remember where you put them down. Cherish the innocence of play and the fact that a child’s play knows no bounds…they just do it. So should you…so start sewing!

If you ever want to drop me a line or ask a question please feel free to email me on jenny@frazzydazzles.com

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