A game I just couldn’t tidy…

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There is something about our little house. There is always a game afoot somewhere. As you walk around you will find little groupings of things. Our daughter is very ‘into’ families. There has to be a Mumma, a bubba and a Dad. Sometimes a brother gets a look in, depending on how many ‘like’ objects she can find. It can be a gaggle of rubber ducks on the bathroom cabinet. A collection of ‘like’ shells on the craft table or in this instance a Mumma dog and her little puppies….


I found this happy little family set up in her brothers room after she had left for her first day of pre-school. My heart just melted and I had to just leave them as they were. Who am I to get in the way of a nursing mother? I should point out that I never brought myself to break them up. They just naturally moved on to different games with the children.


….and besides I was feeling a little bit delicate that day. The day that my baby left me to go to pre-school was a huge one for me. I did nothing but walk around the house picking things up and putting them back down again in different places, pacing the house like a mother tigress just waiting until her cubs were back in their den. So you see, I couldn’t break up this little family above. I just couldn’t!

Her brother is less about families and more about make believe. At the moment Harry Potter is his thing. It has been for a while now. He is listening to all of the talking books read by Mr Stephen Fry. He is loving them and they only seem to fuel his Harry Potter play.

The other night he came running around the corner and plunged his hand into the ‘Harry Potter drawer’ of his toy baskets and pulled out his invisibility cloak. Then he haired off around the corner and out of sight. After a few minutes I followed him and found him under the cloak listening to Harry Potter. Obviously Harry Potter had been using his invisibility cloak and our little man needed a prop. And he has any number of Harry Potter props…he robes that he is wearing below were part of his 5th birthday gifts and it has more than paid for itself in the hours of play it has been part of!


I chuckled and left him to it. I love the innocence of imaginative play. It is such a powerful tool in the hands of a child. I still smile thinking about him under that invisibility cloak…I love it. I love them!

…… oh and I love this…..

This is the magic wand that my little man made me for my birthday. Doesn’t it just look like it could do some serious magic???


If only I could figure a way to wave it over my thighs and reap some real magic rewards!

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